Here are many audio files of interviews with Catholics who were saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus, the Christ.  Also, there are lectures on Catholicism, reformation and history.  If you think that Catholicism is teaching Biblical Christian doctrine, you should listen to these testimonies of Born Again Christians who were saved out of Catholicism and hear why the truth from real Catholics not ecumenists or compromisers.

Irish Nun Peggy O’Neill
Nun from Brooklyn NY Jacqueline Kassar
Heart to Heart with Richard in Trinidad
Former Jesuit priest
Former priest Sandy Carson
Former medical nun Lolly Harding
Knights of Columbus to Christ
The Bride of Christ
A Catholic in the Marines,Ralph Nicosimo
The Ordinary Catholic, Steve Visconti
A Priest's Story Testimony of Richard Bennett
Interview with Brian McLaughlin & Richard Wozniak
From Bondage to Freedom in Christ Mary Allen, former nun
New interviews 2008
My First Love: Robert Selvam
Legacy of the Czech Republic

Confession Box Encounters
The Mystique of the Catholic Priesthood
The Immaculate Conception
Who is the Vicar of Christ?
Biblical Truth and Catholicism
Marriage and Catholic Control
The Papacy its History and Nature
Reformation and the Papacy_Compared
Reaching the Catholic with the Gospel
Unmasking The Truth Behind The Scandals In The Roman Catholic Priesthood
Who is Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI?
Encounters in the Confession Box
Roman Catholic Coercion Through Civil Law (December 8, 2014)
Do Catholics Possess Eternal Life?  (December 8, 2014)

Reformation Conference 05
Salvation and the Sacramental System
Papal History Part1
Papal History Part2
The Mystic Plague
The Alignment of New Evangelicals with Apostasy
The Need for Reformation and what it Demands

Reformation & History
Romanism: History and Tyranny
Lessons presented by Rev. Sinclair Horne of Scotland (Scottish Reformation Society Site)
John Knox 1
John Knox 2
The Beginning of Scottish Reformation

The Holiness of God
The Passion Deception
Semlyen - Foundations under attack - Roots of Apostacy

2008 Toronto Lectures

True Revival
Everlasting Life

Berean Beacon CDs





CD61 Part A

CD61 Part B

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