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Answering the Arguments for Homosexuality
Part One: I was born a homosexual.

by Ken Moran (5+ Years in Secular College Psychology Training, USC)

Maybe a good place to start in answering the myriad of arguments for homosexuality and homosexual behaviors is to answer the claim that “God made them that way”, they were formed, born, or “evolved” or even are genetically homosexual.  This is the most false of all arguments for homosexuality.  While plenty of qualified psychological and medical studies demonstrate that most human behaviors are learned by children or adults from other people, NOT ONE study either medical or from the field of psychology proves or even remotely demonstrates that a person is born or has  homosexual behavior from birth.

If you do not believe that my research is up to date, simply notice that if there were EVEN ONE and just one such good study to prove it, then every one of us could quote the name of the researcher as well as we know Kinsey or Masters and Johnson who are well-known for their research of women or sexuality.  As a matter of fact, if there were such a conclusive study then the gay and lesbian activists would be advertising it on every possible medium praising the researchers and patting them on the back.  If there were such a study other researchers would be conducting similar studies to verify the results and thus prove to the world once and for all that the deviant lifestyle of homosexuality was normal or at least justifiable.

            The funny thing is that such a study is as easy to come by as the “missing” link in evolutionist circles.  It is almost comical that the missing “gay” gene is just as elusive to find as the evolutionist’s “missing” link.  Both are in actuality not figments of the imagination, but, are in fact false holy grails of people demanding their freedom from the Divine constraints of morality.  This brings us to the evolutionary problem of the argument which I will call “born homosexual”.  For anyone who claims to believe in the theory of evolution and in homosexuality being a genetic trait, there is absolutely NO HOPE for their argument.  It is groundless.

The reason they have no hope is that the theory of evolution is commonly taught along the lines of survival of the fittest and beneficial adaptation of species.  That means as a given trait benefits an animal it survives better than others and lives to pass that gene on to its offspring.  The gene for a given trait is thus passed on from one survivor to the next generation weeding out weak genes from the genetic pool.  This is a major problem for people whose sexual activity bears NO offspring.  In other words, if any species of animal had a homosexual gene where the animal itself was homosexual from birth, it would never be passed on to its offspring because the animal having the homosexual gene would never have any babies.  This is so obvious and yet millions of people who claim to believe in evolution are also trying to claim “born homosexual”.

It is simply impossible.  But, wait they say, “I do not believe in evolution, but, in creation.”  Although I do not intend to deeply enter the theological realm in this answer, I will for a moment.  The Bible emphatically states that Adam sinned and brought sin on all his descendants and that all his descendants are fallen in sin and must repent and forsake their evil ways in order to be saved through the sacrifice of Jesus for those sins.  The Bible clearly affirms that Adam’s sin though it impacted all of us was by his choice not by God’s choice.  It states that God warned Adam against sin and did not create Adam as a sinner.  It says of Adam and all creation, “God looked upon every thing He had created, and behold it was very good.”  It does NOT say “and He beheld the sinner he had created and made to sin.”

On the other hand, the Bible states that “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”.  It calls for all people to repent of their sins.  In order to claim that God made a homosexual a homosexual from birth, you have to impugn the very nature and holiness of God.  You would have to exchange the God of the Bible for the gods of mythology and Hinduism that create evil things intentionally to be evil.  This again is the exact opposite of what the Bible says of creation in the beginning, “it was very good”.  The God of the Bible created nothing evil because He is not evil but “very Good”.  So, professing Christians cannot hold to the argument “born homosexual”.  They must reject homosexuality with any other sexual sin that they condemn.  Why?  Because, Christians know that all men are born in sin and must repent, so even if one was born homosexual, it would not be an excuse to sin any way.

Now the truth of psychological studies of human sexuality and behavior is that most human behavior is learned from other humans.  Also, humans like animals can be conditioned to respond certain ways to stimuli.  In other words, homosexual boys are more likely to have learned their behavior by being sexually abused, seeing homosexual behavior and being taught that it is good, or by being conditioned to associate sexual excitement with other men rather than women.  There is a crude joke about sexual excitement being associated with something that is nonsexual that men have told for decades.  However, it would be rude to share here.  Therefore, I will endeavor to give an analogy that is both tasteful and yet clear. 

If you think back to a repeat sexual experience that you have had and the sights, smells, locations or mood that went along with it, you would notice that you may be aroused whenever those stimuli are present.  In other words, if you have a certain song that you and your spouse use for “mood music” or a certain fragrance of perfume that always goes along with your intimacy, you may notice that you become excited when you smell that fragrance or hear that song.  In the same way, a child that has had homosexual encounters before they had heterosexual ones tends to associate the homosexual images or partners with their normal sexual response.  Through conditioning to those homosexual activities, they begin to feel that they are homosexual and become aroused by men rather than women.

Here is the bite.  Had they been allowed to develop normally and have normal relationships with women, they would have had the same stimulation from women.  However, for some reason they were exposed to a different set of stimuli that they now associate with their sexuality.  Every homosexual that I have interviewed has claimed that they were sexually abused by a man during their childhood.  I have not researched this by interviewing thousands of homosexuals.  Therefore, I do not make any claim that all homosexuals have are the victims of homosexual abuse.  Unfortunately victims of abuse usually do not come forward and often cover up their abuse by acting out the abuse.  Victims of sexual abuse can actually become highly sexually active in order to feel in control of their abuse.  Others become abusers themselves. 

This is the shady underbelly of homosexual behaviors.  This is the side of the coin no homosexual rights activist would ever discuss with the general public.  The image put forward by homosexual groups is that of a gentle and kind homosexual.  This image stands in stark contrast of the actual behavior of homosexual men and women at homosexual festivals and rallies.  In fact, you may visit a homosexual festival and see for yourself how intolerant they are of those who disagree with their lifestyle and how physically aggressive and possibly violent they can be.

Still, the claim that people are born homosexual is an absolute farce.  Not one shred of evidence can be brought forward.  And as simply demonstrated above, the argument is not circular but self-refuting.  Neither an evolutionist nor a creationist can claim homosexuality by birth.  Further, neither the doctor nor the psychologist can demand or prove the argument, born homosexual.  It is all whitewash for the minority of people who want to justify their lifestyle.  Those who claim “born homosexual” are clearly lying in order to defend their habits or are willingly deceived and wish to keep their habits rather than truthfully examine their lifestyle.  Either way, they are wrong and this false argument should not sway people in their opinions on the issue.

You must decide if you feel the issue is a social issue or a spiritual issue.  If it is a spiritual issue then the moral statutes of the Bible leave you only one opinion and one position on the issue.  If for you the issue is a social issue then you have a lot harder decision to make.  You have to weigh the merits of homosexual lifestyles against the dangers of that behavior.  That decision is quite hard given that there are plenty of medical books and journals describing the rampant number of sexually transmitted diseases ravaging the homosexual community.  It is a documented fact that such diseases are plaguing homosexual men and at least 30% of the reported cases of STD’s contracted by homosexual men in America are not the patient’s first time STD but are their second or third infection.

The argument for homosexuality begins to hush and fail when facts about STD’s and unprotected sex problems are made known.  As long as the facts that expose the down side of homosexuality are hid, the arguments sound fine.  It sounds great to say, “she was born that way and we should love everybody no matter how they are born.”  But that is to ignore the truth and all logic.  If we say that homosexuality is genetic when there is NO evidence to support it, then, who is to say that a murderer or any criminal is not acting out their genetic makeup?  If murderers are born to murder and we are supposed to accept everybody no matter how they are born, then, we are in a lot of trouble.  If we do not condemn one bad behavior, we cannot condemn the others. 

This is the other arena in which the argument for born homosexual fails.  If we must accept homosexuality from those who claim it is a birthright or genetic trait, then, we must accept all who are “genetically” bound to a certain behavior.  This means that any behavior that can be linked to a gene or genetic deficiency must be accepted as normal.  This is totally wrong as we know that Klienfelter males and Trisomy X females are NOT normal.  In the case of Trisomy X females (girls born with a third X chromosome), they can die from this condition.  It is defined as abnormal even though the child is born with an extra chromosome.  To make any claim that a minority of society is “normal” by genetic definition would demand that many more children on average should be born with Down’s syndrome or Trisomy X.  A real victim of genetic discrimination is not a homosexual who gets all the favoritism in America.  The real victim of genetic discrimination in America is the child born with dwarfism or Down’s Syndrome who is treated like a second class citizen.

Nobody should hate a homosexual.  But to say that homosexuality is normal and that accordingly anyone claiming to be born homosexual is due some special set of rights is absurd and very selfish.  Such rights should be reserved to the real victims of genetic abnormalities.  It is my opinion and not necessarily a fact that children with Down’s syndrome and dwarfism contribute more love and sharing to our society while demanding less of us than does the homosexual community which is claiming genetic rights and discrimination.  I have yet to see a person denied the right to vote, live in a community or go to school because they are homosexual.  I have lived long enough to see people denied jobs, promotions, equal treatment or mistreated because of their gender, skin color, social class and age.

            NO ONE should feel guilty for voicing an opinion against homosexuality for fear that they are speaking against a victim of genetics who is bound by some overwhelming genetic need for same sex companionship.  It is simply a myth.  The homosexual by definition is someone who desires sexual relations with someone of the same sex.  They are not bound to that desire by some uncontrollable genetic trait that must be satiated.  If that were the case, more than 60% of men would be rapists.  There is overwhelming evidence according to the “born homosexual” argument that most males are born with a desire to procreate with women.  How so?

According to their own argument, the fact that a man has sex with a woman having sons that desire the same is proof that the heterosexual male is strong enough genetically to keep his genes in the pool by reproducing heterosexual offspring.  And since whatever you are genetically programmed to do, God forbid, you must bring under control, all men should give in completely to their heterosexual desires without any concern for the needs of others, the societal constraints or moral obligations.  The dangerous logical conclusion of born homosexual argument is that man cannot control his desires and should not attempt to control his desires or anything he can claim is a genetic predisposition.

That may not be a popular truth, but, it is the logical conclusion of their argument.  No matter how you slice it such a line of reasoning is dangerous.  It is a threat to society and law and order.  I am not implying that homosexuals are forming ranks to overthrow democracy.  However, I am pointing out the deadly flaw in their reasoning.  It is not closed minded to condemn a practice that threatens public welfare.  It is not intolerant to speak the truth.  It is very naďve and ignorant to give up a debate when someone accuses us of picking on someone who cannot change who they are.  We DO NOT make such an exception for people who have substance abuse problems.  Therefore, we have set no precedent for such an exception for homosexuals.

For that matter, I think it is totally selfish and intolerant for homosexuals to demand special rights based on a myth of being born homosexual when we will not give the same rights to the victims of drug abuse.  Babies are born daily to people who abuse drugs.  These babies are born with drug habits that they DID NOT choose.  Yet when one satisfies that desire that they MOST DEFINITELY WERE BORN WITH, we arrest them and lock them up in jail.  Where is the lobby for the rights of victims of drug abuse???  Where are the protesters marching for those children who are by definition born to a terrible fate?  Further, where are the protest lines of those people born addicted demanding the state give them the right to use illicit drugs to satisfy the craving with which they were born?

Nowhere!  Those born to drug abuse must fight and most win the battle against the way that they were born.  They do not all lie down and give into that craving for the rest of their lives.  This should be the effort of the homosexual, the fight against and not the succumbing to their desires.  If drug addiction can be overcome, then, homosexuality can be also.  One fact commonly hidden from you by the media and the homosexual community is that psychology books used to contain treatments for homosexuality.  In fact, homosexuality, bisexuality and transvestitism were all listed in text books as deviant lifestyles until about 1995 when most textbooks were replaced. 

When homosexuals rose through the ranks of the psychology community, they rewrote the books and redefined their behavior as “alternative lifestyles” in the 1990’s.  By the year 2002, they had completed that change and went on to again relabel their behavior as “mainstream” or “normal” using the born homosexual argument.  As I have demonstrated here that the genetic homosexual argument is groundless and in fact a myth, it should be clear that there is a major problem with the general acceptance of their lifestyle based on that argument.  You should carefully consider the truth before teaching your children that they must accept anyone’s behavior just because they claim to have been “born that way”.

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