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Some in the local Tea Parties and even some churches with which I serve as a Christian minister were quite upset with me some years ago when I fought against the federal marriage bill. At the time, many Americans felt that we needed a federal law protecting marriage. Many were quite upset that I fought them on having ANY federal law on marriage. Now, they know why I did so.

I originally fought the marriage bill because the USA and all 50 states already have 2 laws protecting marriage. They are the federal and state Constitution Bill of Rights passages stating that the state has no authority over religion or its formation and cannot through law restrict or otherwise infringe upon the free practice of religion. For those who do not know this, it is the First and most important amendment to the US Constitution.

The First Amendment plainly states that while the religious people ARE the government of the USA they cannot have the state enforce any religion upon the people or have a state religion. As a Christian minister, I am certainly glad of this. At times throughout history in other countries my forebears have been persecuted through the use of civil government to enforce whatever religion or religious practices of the time held political power. The founders of this country were intent to prevent the return of this very thing that most Americans had come to the colonies to escape, religious persecution.

Now as the US Supreme Court has openly violated the highest law of the land and setting back state sovereignty over their own creation (the US federal government), the persecution of Americans for their religious beliefs has become publically accepted. Yes, this is a violation of the First Amendment. I wrote a paper for church when I was a teen on marriage. As a minister I edited and renamed the paper, “On the Divine Institution, Marriage”. You see, the Holy Spirit had pointed out to me that I had failed to identify marriage for what it was, a divine institution. It was created by God Himself in the beginning and carried out by all religions (not just Judaism) ever since.

It was this revelation that was not new to me but merely overlooked by me that defined my political position on marriage. The failed and unconstitutional Marriage Act of 1927 had begun the destruction of the Judeo-Christian nuclear family many years ago. It also presented me clear proof that my position opposing ANY federal marriage act was the correct biblical position. Nevertheless, when I spoke against the Defense of Marriage Act, many people were shocked to hear to hear it from a Christian minister. And even while the act may have staved off the current SCOTUS ruling by forcing them to take the time first to strike down a Defense of Marriage law, two wrongs do not a right make.

Now it should be very clear to you why I opposed ANY federal law in regard to marriage that defined or controlled marriage. This long prelude was necessary so that you do not mistake the solutions I now pose to you as being as unconstitutional as the SCOTUS ruling. I want all of you to be empowered by the same Constitution that forced me to oppose a marriage law to now use laws to protect your rights and maybe marriage (to some extent).

First let me explain what I have said all along to homosexuals on the marriage issue. In regard to being able to have a homosexual marriage, I said,“If you can find some fake church or sinner ‘minster’ or form some fake church that will marry you, go ahead and marry. However, you cannot ever force me to acknowledge your marriage as legitmate since my religion clearly prohibits such a thing!”

That is, I pointed out to everyone that we CANNOT prevent such religious groups that ordain homosexuals such as the United Methodist Church from marrying them to other homosexuals as well. We protect their religious freedom BY LAW. This does not protect or extend any special privilege to a homosexual. No homosexual may marry another homosexual and then demand that anyone in the USA accept their marriage by law! They are merely married by their religion not by the rest of us.

Since the USA and the original colonies were based upon the Law of God laid out in the Bible, the society and local ordinances have accepted marriage and so have businesses. We protect the property rights of spouses and children. Obviously as homosexuals have to adopt children, all issues of property and protection of same are matters for contract law and probate according to their contracts and wills for the disposition of their property. They may establish their inheritances as they see fit which is protected by law. Still, this does not mean that we have to accept their marriage or celebrate it.

What I will point out next will upset many people but it was and should be lawful though it is now deemed politically incorrect. Americans are supposed to be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason, fair or unfair, rational or irrational. If you do not like the color of my skin and you are NOT a corporation, you can refuse me service and not explain why you did so. Granted if you discriminate against people for skin color, I will boycott you. However, as a Christian minister, I have to defend your right to refuse me service because of my religion or behavior or even your own personal preference. It is your property not mine!

Now to the heretics and misinformed I just upset, you must obey God not me. The New Testament is full of commands against having improper fellowship or relationships with non-Christians and heretics. In fact, the apostle Paul clearly taught that a sinner having committed a sexual sin was to be put out of fellowship (“to deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” 1 Corinthians 5:5). Therefore shunning is a proper form of biblical punishment and is far superior to imprisonment on nonviolent offenses. It affords a Christian or other religious community the ability to punish someone and try and stop evil behavior without depriving them of freedom. If the punished person feels wrongly treated, they merely can leave that community.

In the past people who married people of different skin color were ostracized by some communities and families. While the Bible does not support shunning for this reason, the People may do as they please. Most assuredly they will answer to God for any wrong treatment they give to others even if such treatment is not expressly forbidden in God’s law. God commands all men to love their neighbors as they love their selves. God’s Law and ways are higher than man. All of us fall short. Applying this to the subject at hand though gives all Americans the right to dissociate with other Americans on grounds of religious disagreement.
This is one reason that we have so many congregations and denominations in America, religious freedom and cohesion. People of like opinions worship together and if they think someone is teaching something false or heretical, they break fellowship with that person. They then leave that person the freedom to start their own congregation as they see fit if they can attract followers. This is tolerance, something the LGBT community does not understand. We are leaving it to God to sort the wheat from the tares (as commanded by God Himself, Jesus).

Therefore, in accordance with the Bible and the US Constitution that is beholden to it, we have the lawful authority to protect religious freedom in the several states. The simple solution is the inverse of what I have been telling the homosexual community for years. I told them,“You can sin any sin against yourself as long as you leave me and children out of it.” So, all we have to do to protect our religious freedom (that has been horrifically infringed with special privilege given to condemned sinners) is to enforce the law with state law.

We need to immediately enact laws at the state level that protect the First Amendment and deny homosexuals and any person that may wish to marry their horse from forcing us against our religious positions to partake in their sin. This is biblical and this is lawful. Draft bills that protect the rights of individuals and organizations from having to give special treatment to homosexual marriages or even guarantee membership or ordination of homosexuals. Remember that corporations exist at the good pleasure of the People to aid the People and do not have any God-given rights. You cannot therefore protect them but you can protect organizations, congregations, churches and individuals from being forced to disobey their religious tenets in order to grant special privilege to sinners.

Remember, in America, Christians are not allowed to force their religious doctrines or convictions on the public. Why not? The First Amendment! No one has the privilege to force their beliefs on others including homosexuals. Sadly the homosexual community has been given just that privilege for decades being allowed to teach their sinful ways in public schools to children who are too young to be sexual. [I point out here that sexual activity is proof of adulthood in animals. How is it then considered acceptable to teach children how to be an adult before they are old enough (dictated by biology not religion)?] The current crisis exists because for too long special privilege not equal rights was given to the homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals and others under the deception of “alternative lifestyle”. Now is the time to return to the Constitution lawfully and firmly.

Lastly, I wish to remind you that the point of all of this action is love not hate. God punishes His children and even some sinners for the purpose of restoration. God wants the lost to be saved. He died to pay the price for homosexuals and any deviation from His Law. It is critical for homosexuals to understand the dangers of sin. God says that to hate a man is murder (1 John 3:15). We cannot not be motivated out of hatred even though we hate the sin. Christians are to maintain a living witness that God has condemned homosexuality and anyone practicing it and like all other sinners, homosexuals must be saved and repent of their sins. God is not a “respecter of persons”. He treats all men equally and fairly and grants no special permission for sin in anyone.
Ephesians 6:9 “…knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him.”