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Bro. Ken is available to travel and lecture to your Christian congregations, street preaching teams, assemblies, groups and pastoral associations.  He is politically active and some of his lectures and seminars discuss current trends in the American political scene and their spiritual implications.  You will find that he has a broad range of lectures and workshops in critical areas and issues facing the Body of Christ in our day, the last days.  Simply email him for availability and booking.  You can reach him at "help @ theuncompromisedword . com"
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The Seminars and Lectures are listed in general categories based on subject.

The Cults

  • Introduction to the Cults
  • Cult Preachers in Pop Culture From Lady Gaga to Tom Cruise: The Teenagers' & Parents' Guide to Cult Entertainment - 2 Hours with Q&A

This riveting lecture on Cults in popular culture in America is a must hear for all parents and teenagers.  From MTV Shows promoting the cults to actual cult members such as John Travolta, this look at the cult beliefs and inroads into your home and family is devastating to the strongholds of the adversary.  This is a PowerPoint presentation with video and images.  A projection system is required for the best presentation.

  • Speaking With Cult members: Witnessing to the Convinced - 1-2 Hours with Q&A

Beginner "How to" for talking with and witnessing to cult members.  Special attention is given to misleading terminology employed by cults as well as common pitfalls and traps in speaking with cult members.  Some basic teachings of various cults are included.

  • Evangelizing the Cults: Cult Outreach Program planning and Development - 4 hours or 1 Day Intensive Workshop

This workshop is a program for evangelism training leadership or the entire congregation for preparation for evangelizing the cults in your area.  Nothing is more important or a greater blessing than taking on the "strongholds" of the adversary head-to-head in your home territory and prevailing through the grace of our Lord God Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit and the blessed Gospel.  This workshop steers planning and guides preparation of the congregation to engage the cult membership and community at large for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus the Christ and pulling down cult strongholds in your community.  Alternate sources of good information and cult specific counsel are provided along with doctrinal training specific to the heresies of the local cults to be evangelized.

  • Congregation Inoculation boot Camp

Congregation specific intensive training for prevention or extraction of cult doctrines from the Body of Christ.  This seminar deals with common (Or a specific heresy introduced or being introduced to a congregation, denomination or church conference) heresies of the largest cults.  Through basic Christian doctrines and Christology, major heresies and false doctrines of the cults (especially the New Age Cult) are answered and refuted.  This is a must for college students and congregations evangelizing or positioned near cult groups.  A recommended primer for all churches.

  • Bewitched: The Rise of the Occult in America - 1-2 hours with Q&A

From "Harry Potter" to "Being Human", this seminar takes on the controversial permeation of Christian culture with demonic, satanic and pagan myth and practice.  The specific biblical commandments are discussed as well as such popular shows as "Ghost Hunters" and "Medium" are exposed to the light of the Word of God.  There is also discussion of the black arts, child abduction and sexual abuse, covens and much more that actually are going on secretly (though openly) in America today.  This seminar has sections that are not for children.  Those sessions can be planned with children retiring to a separate class for an hour to maintain age appropriate subjects.

  • The New Age Cult - 1-2 Hours with Q&A

Introduction to the unifying ancient cult that is taking the entire world by storm and how it is uniting all religions for the final one world religion of the anti-Christ.  This is the most critical of all cult messages as it involves the seduction of the professing Christian Church in America from "Touched By An Angel" to Rick Warren and beyond...  The false theology and teachings of the cult are exposed to Scripture.  Sources and proponents of the cult are identified and exposed.  Inroads into the Christian Church by this cult and its teachings are discussed and exposed.  This message is critical for all congregations.

  • UFOs & Alien Invaders: Close Encounters of the satanic Kind - 1 Hour

    Wondering if all those people can be wrong and there really aren't any UFOs???  No, they aren't.  There are real UFOs and aliens being sighted almost every week now.  Find out who they are, where they came from and who they answer to in this amazing lecture on Alien Invaders and their messages to man!

  • Is Roman Catholicism Really Christian? - 1-2 Hours with Q&A

Having served with Berean Beacon Ministries in evangelizing Roman Catholics for years and having had a Catholic raised father, Ken has a very clear knowledge of the actual teachings and positions of the Roman Catholic Church even though he was brought up in Biblical Christianity.  This contraversial (but much needed) lecture on the Roman Catholic Church dogmas and teachings exposes the true doctrines and practices of Catholicism.  Biblical theology and commandments are given to review and expose Roman Catholic dogma to the truth of Jesus the Christ.  Practices such as the Mass and rites are discussed as well as scapulas, shrines and other trappings of the origins of Catholicism are exposed and discussed.  Ecumenism is explained with the Pauline warnings and commandments.


Physical Survival and Preparation for Hard Times

  • Bugs and How They Kill - 2 Hour with Q&A

This class was just added due to the Ebola Outbreak and general age old threat of plagues.  Though this is nothing new and the Bible warns about it, there are so many misunderstandings about contagion, vaccines, and real threats that Ken has created a course to explain the basics.  This class is designed to do away with unnecessary fears and provide the basic safeguards against dangers now and during any plague.  As we now know more about microbes than ever before, there appears to be a major lack of knowledge about them in the general public that allows government to lie and further endanger the masses.  This class is designed to teach children biology 101 about microbes and the basic safety steps at preventing sickness everyday and especially during a plague.  Though not a doctor, Ken has taught Blood Borne Pathogens Safety classes and is college trained in biology and health.

  • Surviving Economic Collapse and Catastrophe – 2 hour

A discussion 5 Possible Scenarios we may face in America and Coping strategies.

  • Surviving Economic Collapse and Catastrophe – 1 day intensive

An in depth look at probable financial, spiritual and physical catastrophes facing America and developing contingency plans for each.  For ministers, this program will include discussions of how to awaken congregations to these threats and help them prepare as communities of the Body of Christ not only to survive but to minister in dark times.

  • The Spiritual Ramifications of Current Events – 2 hour

Japan, the Oil Non-crisis, Inflation, Obama, Libya and the Middle East Meltdown…What does this have to do with the Return of the King?  Where are we in the timeline of Eschatology?  What is the New World Order?

  • I know Money talks but Sound Money??? – 2 Hours

An explanation of American Insolvency, History of money, Debt Slavery and the Rise of the Anti-Christ

  • Survival Fishing: When Your Life is on the Line – 4 Hour Workshop

An introduction to multiple forms of fishing including the basics of commercial fishing with application of techniques to finding food when you cannot afford it.

  • 9-1-1…Will anyone Come??? - 1 Hour

Will government save you in times of crisis?  Are they even capable of protecting you now from fire and hurricanes?  A No Bull Assessment of County Emergency Preparedness Programs and the need of real community preparedness from a former Fire Chief and 13 year veteran of Emergency Services.

  • Romans 13 and other FEMA Lies – 1 Hour

A lecture on the FEMA misuse of Romans 13 to justify rounding up Christians and other Americans that oppose satan and his New World Order.

  • Spiritual Warfare in the New Age and Today - 2 Hours

A primer in Biblical Spiritual Warfare preparation and techniques.  Includes descriptions of current illicit occult and New Age practices permeating American culture at ALL LEVELS.  It is a call to arms for Christians in preparation for the Age of Aquarius.  (This is not a lecture in exorcism or illicit spiritual practices!!!)


Basic Apologetics & Evangelism

  • Christian Psychology: Does it really Exist? 1-2 Hours with Q&A
    Having majored in psychology in a major university AS A CHRISTIAN, Ken’s personal training and experience are shared in light of Bible truth and the actual teachings of psychology. Psychology’s founders and doctrines are tested and exposed.
  • Science vs. Christianity, Who is Right?: A Marine Biologist About Epistemology & the Bible - 1 Hour w/Q&A
    An introduction to real epistemology (foundations of knowing and how we know anything) by comparison of science and Biblical knowledge. Which is superior and which caused which? To understand debating world views, we need to understand basic epistemology. We must understand why we know what we know and who can be trusted.
  • Reasoning with Other World Views: To Mars Hill and Back Again - 1-2 Hours

An introduction to witnessing to a Pagan America and dialoging with non-Christian world views.  Includes discussion of philosophy, logic and religion and their use in speaking about Biblical Christianity and witnessing.

  • Professing Atheists - 1 Hour

Discussion of atheist-specific witnessing and debate with atheists.  Includes some traditional arguments for Christianity, suggestions of strong positions from which to argue with atheists and pitfalls to avoid when dialoging with professing atheists and agnostics.

  • Internet Evangelism - 1 Hour or 1 Day Seminar (Depending on desired depth of instruction)

How to witness and spread the Gospel of Jesus the Christ using the Internet.  How to get started and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Starting an Internet Outreach - 4 Hour Seminar

An introduction to developing a web presence for evangelism using social networking sites, free sites, video sites and others to spread the Gospel of Jesus the Christ actively with the world.  Includes specific involvement of congregants to as force multipliers in this form of powerful personal evangelism with the world. 

General Congregational Edification

  • Are they stupid or just deaf? The Answer to Brainwashing and Social Programming - 1 Hours with Q&A
    Again, Ken brings his training in psychology to expose current brainwashing in America.  Having been trained for advertising using social psychology, Ken shares some brainwashing techniques and programs that are affecting people today.  Most importantly, he teaches the ancient foundational system for inoculating your children and congregation to brainwashing, critical thinking.  In the short lecture, a survey is given.  In the longer lecture of 2 hours or more, actual examples are presented and demonstrated including a more detailed lecture of common brainwashing and propaganda techniques used today.  These are explained in the primer on breaking people out of mind control and media brainwashing.  This is a must for parents and congregations that are confused and mesmerized by American culture.
  • Science and Religion: Does Science Refute Christianity? - 2 Hours with Q&A

    In day marked by arrogant atheists proclaiming the death of theism based on science, clear questions and doubts arise.  However, science must be considered by its definition and parameters.  This lecture explains the difference in science, philosophy and religion.  It also exposes the nasty secret hidden beneath all the white lab coated popes of our new religion, Science, that science is not objective.  While professing objectivity and omniscience, science in fact is limited in what it can say about religion and religious claims.  Here a biologist speak about what science really tells us and what it is actually based upon itself.  You will be amazed.  This lecture is a must for modern evangelism and for "college proofing" your youth.  It is a great preparation for giving them the knowledge, confidence, and weapons to defend their knowledge of God when confronted with the fallacious arguments of the world and university professors in CHRISTIAN and secular schools.  Evolution is only lightly discussed.  However, an additional hour or second lecture can be requested for the coverage of the theory of evolution (what it is and what it is not).  The added lecture can be important for deprogramming of public school students.  It also mentions the spiritual and moral implications of applying science and evolution to life and ethics.