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This letter was sent opposing the false image of Mormonism put forward in the Georgetown Times.  Editor Lesley was gracious enough to post the letter as a column in the paper, thus giving both sides of the issue.  However, we had to cut the article in half to fit the paper's space.  We have posted the letter in its entirety since space is not an issue.

If you would like to read the article, The Church of Love, we do not know what to say.  We were going to post a link to the paper's site with the page on which the article is displayed.  However, thanks be to God, we cannot find a link or posting of that article which presented a false "Christian" image of Mormonism.  This is terrific in that no one will find it online and be decieved into thinking that LDS members also called Mormons are merely another Christian denomination.  Some of the errors presented in the doctrinal statement displayed in the article are listed in the letter below.  You may read them and judge for yourself.  The article posted in the Georgetown Times from Bro. Ken is posted on their site here.


Dear Mr. Lesley,

As I read your newspaper’s article on the LDS church, I was very concerned, nae, upset.  As a Christian minister and a student of the cults from my youth, I was disappointed and disturbed by the one-sided nature of the article entitled, “The CHURCH of LOVE” and its misrepresentation of their teachings.  Let me say at the onset of this letter, as a “Born Again” Biblical Christian, I am not bound or obligated to be either “politically correct” or a “peace-maker” in matters involving the truth.  I am bound by the Truth of Jesus, the Christ, and His love for ALL humanity.  It is that love that compels me to make statements that, while not saccharine, are nonetheless true.  And as we all know the truth hurts.  It will even loosen a few of your teeth.

Thus, I must point out the following concerns that I have with the article you published which appears to have at the very least glossed over the actual history and teachings of one of the more dangerous cults founded in America.  I cite for example the article’s opening line, “How many wives do you have?”  Easily a sensational statement, but, the follow up explanation glossed over the hard truths that currently plague the LDS and its offshoot cults, the FLDS, RLDS and the Restored Latter Day Saints.  All the offshoots still practice polygamy (as pointed out in the WETV Network Series, Secret Lives of Women, Episode - “Polygamy”, as well as by many authors on the LDS and its current practices).  The Doctrine and Covenants of the LDS church still clearly state that in order for a man to obtain the highest level of glory in the three levels of heaven taught by the LDS, he must be sealed eternally in marriage (Doctrines & Covenents, Section 131).  It explains the nature of the eternal marriage in the following section as polygamy (D&C Sect. 132).

The very telling part of this section, 132, is that it states prior to the “revelation” on polygamy, “Behold, and lo, I am the Lord thy God, and will answer thee as touching this matter.  Therefore, prepare thy heart to receive instructions which I am about to give unto you; for all those who have this law revealed unto them must obey the same.  For behold I reveal unto you a new and an everlasting covenant; and if ye abide not that covenant, then are ye damned; for no one can reject this covenant and be permitted into my glory.” SIC (D&C Section 132:2-4)

The section then proceeds to declare that marriage is having many wives.  This section of the D&C purports to be God’s answer to the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, for his question on the correctness of the definition of marriage as polygamy.  Here is one of the foundational problems that this cult and its members have had to deal with since the 1840’s.  As the prophet of the church states that this is a word from God, Himself, it is inerrant.  Here in lies the rub.  If Smith gave an eternal revelation of God’s Will, how can it later be contravened by a new revelation that says the opposite thing?

According to that very quotation from the D&C, now that we have shared this “new and everlasting covenant of God” with you, you are now bound to practice polygamy or “be damned” (SIC).  For that matter all reading this letter are now bound to the judgment of God if they do not practice polygamy.  While the later prophet of the Mormon church, Brigham Young, suddenly came back with a revelation from “God” that polygamy would no longer be practiced just in time to appease the US government threat to deny statehood to the territory of Utah if polygamy continued, the original commandment and writings of that revelation of the founder and prophet of the church remain the same to this very day.  Either the LDS practice polygamy behind closed doors and do not legally acknowledge their other wives, or, they are cursed and denied heaven by their own teachings and their own founder.

This rub is the most problematic one for all teachings of the LDS.  If the founder of the church was wrong or lied about one revelation, then, he was not really a prophet of God.  This would mean that the whole system topples under the weight of one man’s character and prophetic accuracy.  As Smith claimed to be a prophet of God, the commandments of God that he put forward must be followed.  If Smith was right and the LDS church teachings are correct, why does the local LDS branch president defy God by violating the everlasting covenant and having only one wife as the article states?  Why does he not have many wives as did his prophet, Joseph Smith?  Why is the actual teaching of the LDS church dismissed as a misconception?  Have the laws of logic no part in prose any more?

I am very upset that such a foundational error of the LDS church was glossed over by your article.  It is a direct misrepresentation of what the church has in print.  Either the author deceives or was deceived.  I hope that the reporter was simply taken advantage of and not savvy to the actual teachings of the LDS church.  I do not think that that speaks ill of Ms. Carter if she was, as she would be in good company.  Many Mormons and the people who are approached by Mormon missionaries are not told all the controversial teachings or requirements of the LDS church.  It is intentional in order to avoid the automatic rejection of such teaching by almost anyone.  That is the other reason that I am very upset that the doctrinal statement posted in the article is in error.  It misrepresents the teachings of the LDS church in such a manner as to make the church sound less pagan and more Christian.

I will cite specific teachings to verify this claim.  You may fact check each teaching very easily by consulting Dr. Walter Martin’s The Kingdom of the Cults, Mr. Roberts’s Mormonism Unmasked, and the church’s own writings including Bruce McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine.  Where possible, I cite directly from the LDS sources themselves not those who speak against Mormonism.

First, LDS members do not believe in a unified godhead including Jesus, the Christ, as God like Biblical Christianity, but, in a “presidency of personages” (Mormon Doctrine p. 319).  This is not at all the Triune God of the Torah or the Bible whose name is Yahweh, also translated Jehovah.  Their “father god” is Elohim (the Hebrew plural of the word for God, El) and this “father god” has his own physical body (p. 319).  He has many children including us, Jesus and his brother Satan (pp. 129 & 192).  Elohim practices polygamy and had sexual relations with Mary to conceive Jesus.  Jesus is another god (p.129) who was not always God but merely the preeminent, first born son of god who achieved godhood.

This is absolutely counter to everything foundational to the Christian faith in Jesus the Christ, God come in the flesh.  Further, it is rank polytheism.  While I do not expect non-Christians to grasp the concept of the Trinity, I do know that everyone knows the difference between there being one God (monotheism) and there being many gods (polytheism).  In fact, the Book of Mormon teaches that there is only one God (Alma 11:26-31) in spite of the later revelation by Joseph Smith that there are many gods (Journal of Discources 6:1-11).  That is ironic when one considers that Joseph Smith, himself, is the credited finder and translator of the Book of Mormon.

Christianity is the fulfillment of Biblical Judaism and absolutely agrees with Judaism’s most important and central tenet, that being there is and always will be only one God and creator of all things.  This is contrary to the teaching of the LDS church which teaches that there are many worlds with many gods and all Latter Day Saints may themselves become gods like Elohim and have their own planets which will be seeded by their “spirit babies” that they beget with their many wives throughout eternity (doctrine of eternal progression/exaltation – LDS publication, Journal of Discourses 6:1-11).  If this sounds unbelievable, then, you fully understand why the poor Mormon missionaries do not want to have to explain such things to you at the door.  They have the unenviable task of bringing in new converts to a cult whose teachings are completely unacceptable to anyone with a Judeo-Christian background and that disagree with their own Book of Mormon. 

Another very important error in the statement of doctrines in the article is the alteration of the true gospel of the LDS church.  It is not the Gospel of Christ of Christian assemblies (i.e. God came as a man, Jesus, and died to pay for the sins man committed against God that we all might be saved by simply believing that Jesus is that God and died for us).  No, their gospel is that each Latter Day Saint must “sanctify and cleanse their own souls” (Mormon Doctrine p. 331-334).  This is “works based” salvation, the idea that we can earn salvation or have to do rituals to achieve a spiritual end.  The LDS members are required to work for their own salvation by obeying the commandments of the LDS church in Utah and their living Prophet, currently Gordon B. Hinckley.  What the reporter may not have been advised about the gospel and ordinances that must be practiced (other than polygamy) is the refraining from alcoholic drinks, tobacco and hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate (the Word of Wisdom stated in D&C Sect. 89).  Apparently the Christian theological terms have been used but the definitions are definitely changed.

The list of the “first principles of the gospel” of the LDS church presented in the article not only differ from the actual church theology as you have read above, but, clearly attempt to present the LDS church as a Christian church when it is fact not Christian at all as is seen from their theology.  While the list mentions baptism, it does not go into baptism for the dead or the belief in many gods or the blasphemous doctrine that we may become gods.  I do not think that this was an intentional device by Ms. Carter, but, a misrepresentation of actual LDS teachings by someone else to her.  I would recommend that Ms. Carter familiarize herself with Dr. Walter Martin’s work, The Kingdom of the Cults, in addition to her training in comparative religion.  In that way she may be more familiar with the company line presented by the American cults who try most times to pass themselves off as Christianity.  Even though the missionaries are well-meaning, it does not mean that they are well-informed or can defend the “truth” that they are spreading.  The regimen of separation from their family and being cut off from news and the world sounds more like the Moonies than any Christian missionary program that we have seen.

It is eternally and temporally important not to present Christian cults as true Biblical Christian churches.  For me as a Christian, I understand that there is eternal life with God or eternal punishment for evil.  Therefore, I am vigilant in letting people know the Gospel of Jesus the Christ as He presented it in the Bible.  And, as the LDS church claims for its foundation, the Bible, it must be judged by that Book first.  That leaves only two alternatives.  One, both Christianity and Mormonism are false, because if the first revelation was false, then, anything that is based upon it is simply a false conclusion drawn from a false premise.  Or, two, Christianity is true but Mormonism is false because it contradicts Biblical Christianity, the first revelation.  As Mormonism contradicts the very revelation on which it claims to be founded, Mormonism cannot be true.

I do not believe it was your intention to endorse the LDS church.  However, if it were, you should certainly check the source of the information and the truth of the claims made for the protection of your readers.  I recommend Out of Mormonism by Judy Robertson a former LDS member to give you the feel of life inside that cult and the dangers involved for those leaving the LDS church.  I am also willing to discourse or debate openly and publicly with anyone on the issue of LDS teachings and Biblical Christianity.  I am willing also to discuss the truth of Christianity in like manner.  While we have shown the self-refuting nature of LDS claims, we have not taken time to speak to the truth of the first revelation, Biblical Christianity.

I take every opportunity to speak with LDS missionaries and Mormons.  I love them deeply and pray for their salvation.  It is the love of Christ that forces me to speak hard truths to people and not soft pedal the truth.  It is because I love them that I fear for their exploitation in a cult that claims to be the only way to heaven while imprisoning them in a religious system that is self-contradictory.  I do not want anyone to be taken advantage of simply because they truly want to know God. 

Christians should pray for Latter Day Saints and share their faith with them that LDS may know that they are not required to jump through hoops to have eternal life.  The sign of a true follower of the Christ is not only their belief that Jesus is God, but, also the love that they show towards others.  Christians should not persecute Mormons for the beliefs but reach out to them in love, sharing the truth.  I hope all the Mormons with whom I speak see the love of Christ in me and my concern for their eternal spiritual wellbeing. 

Kind regards,
Ken Moran


Bro. Ken is available to speak at your church, Bible study, or civic organization about cults and cult groups around the world, their teachings, and witnessing to the cults.  He can bring original copies of the writings of many cults such as those cited in the above letter to prove the teachings of a cult.  Bro. Ken not only presents the false teachings of cults, but, the Biblical answers to cult heresies.  He perpetually trains in defending the faith once and for all delivered to the saints.  Please, email him for availability.  Remember, if you are within driving distance of Bro. Ken, he asks no money from you for teaching or speaking on these topics.  He is your servant and fellow bond servant with you to the Lord, Jesus.




Permission is granted to repost, distribute, print, or otherwise use this article in any medium so long as it is unedited, altered or cut.  If you need to have it shortened, you must write us and receive written permission to alter this text before publishing it!

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