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  I do not feel lead of the Lord at this time to provide texts condemning homosexuality.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit to condemn individuals personally and call to salvation.  Our behavior also can cause people to be condemned by their own conscience.  It is time for morality and holiness in the church to exceed the works of the unsaved in the world.  I accordingly would remind you that if you are looking for proof texts, include all the commandments we are given about sexual practices outside of marriage.  You do not need Sodom and Gomorrah to question the practices of homosexuality.  Though it violates the Genesis definition of marriage, simple holy living precludes most of the practices of homosexuals.

I do feel lead of the Lord to provide the following answers to the arguments of the homosexual community that are confusing and troubling the brethren.  We must remember that even though some of our family members may be practicing homosexuality or any sexual immorality, we cannot change our stand on the uncompromising, unchanging Word of God.  He answered all and answers all. 

Accordingly, I wish to depose the view that is provided in what I call the "Genetic Justification", the argument that people are born homosexual.  As I did major in psychology and (for a time) biology, I also give the challenge, that if anyone can prove through empirical research that homosexuality is genetic, provide the experiment.  If I can duplicate your results, then AND ONLY THEN, can any such study be considered evidence.  Until such a time as a study is replicated, I will not accept the theory of "Genetic Justification" on the true ground that there has not been one study that proves that homosexual behavior is an inborn trait through genetics.

Here is the background on the origins of this theory.

I would like to point out that the argument of biological justification of behavior is an old one in the field of psychology.  We called the question, "heredity vs. environment”.  While both heredity (behavior genetically passed information) and environment (behavior learned by the child) were put forward as theories for explaining human behavior, only environment could be proven to contribute to human behavior.  How do we know that environment contributes to behavior?  Are you able to read this?  Then, obviously learning works and you behave according to what you learn.  This is supported by the course in psychology called "Principles of Learning" which is supposed to be taught to every psychology major.

The problem with this argument is that it arose from a need to explain away bad or dangerous behaviors of people simply by excusing them as genetic predisposition.  The basic argument is a complete undermining of psychology and psychiatry as “if all behavior is a product of genetics, no behavior can be condemned, corrected, or abated”.   Therefore, the end result is that it tells a murderer or an overeater or a pedophile, “Hey, don’t worry, you are just born this way.  It doesn’t matter if this behavior hurts you or others, there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

 I don’t think I have to explain the obvious problem with this argument.  It erodes all morality, government and society.  It flies in the face of more than a hundred years of study in biology and psychology.  The sad thing is that despite this argument, sin in America has sought to serve its own unbridled wantonness at the expense of truth and bona fide research.  I watched as the books we were studying psychology from were being rewritten.  And as the rewrites defied all research in “Learning Principles” studied by all psychologists, I knew the “new theories” were incorrect.

 As this applies to the issue of homosexuality, my personal research found in interviews of homosexual males, all had been the victims of sexual abuse by other males as a child or teen (My sample group was small).  The principles of learning taught to all psychology majors explain how humans and animals learn behavior.  It is backed by more research than has ever been given to the “genetic homosexual” line of study. 

 The more pertinent answer to the arguments made by the homosexual community is this, “If sexual practice proves genetic programming, then, by definition, I am a genetically programmed heterosexual.  Therefore, I fall under the same Biblical restraint as any homosexual, that being, “If you walk in the Spirit, you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”  I am commanded not to practice my heterosexuality with any partner except a wife.  I am commanded not to have multiple partners or cheat on my spouse by Jesus.  If I violate these guidelines, I am considered sinful and under condemnation.  If I cannot escape this mandate against my fleshly nature, how is your behavior whether genetic or learned exempted from the same mandate given you by God?

If one wants to make homosexual practices fit into Christianity, they will have to completely reform the homosexual community and its practices.  Volumes of legitimate research and testimony of homosexual men and women are in print now!  They indicate that the vast majority of homosexuals practice sex outside of marriage and sex with multiple partners.  This data IS provided by studies of the CDC and the medical community which has been tracking the spread of illnesses.*  The reports list evidence that many individuals had sex with many partners.  There was no visible trend of monogamy.  In fact, research showed that a large percentage of practicing homosexual men had already been treated for at least one STD.

This is the problem that must be answered by the homosexual community before they can claim to be a part of Christianity while remaining homosexual.  Until they can make a claim of sexual practices in accordance with the Word of God, they cannot be Christian and be homosexual.  The same applies to anyone!  There are no exemptions.  If you are having sex outside your marriage, sex before you are married**, sex with multiple partners, you are not serving God.  You can be forgiven, but, you must repent of your promiscuity and leave your sin behind.

The problem with the "Genetic Justification" of homosexuality fails just as it fails to when it comes to any human behavior.  It does not matter how we are born.  We must accept the responsibility for our actions.  If we claim genetics as the excuse to do anything, we lose our free will and are reduced to absolute destruction.  How so?  Because, all are born under the curse of Adam.  We are sinner by birth!  Therefore, if we argue that our birth nature justifies our behavior with no hope to live any other way, we are all doomed in sin and doomed to hell.  This is the logical conclusion of and the error of this entire "Genetic Justification" argument. 

Either the pedophile can refrain from victimizing children of his own free will, or none of us has the ability to resist temptation.  We all become automatons at the mercy of more than 6000 years of bad breeding in sin.  Is this truly the argument you want to use to justify sleeping with another person of the same sex?  Is it worth eternity with God?

God is the supreme authority.  His Word provides us His Will and style of living.  He has shown us what works best AND been patient enough to not only command but explain why He has commanded it.  All aspects of the Christian's life must comply with the Word of God.  If they do not comply, the person is either not a Christian or is "overtaken in a fault."

The difference in argument between so-called "homophobes" and true, loving Christians is this;

True Christians by definition must exhibit the fruits of the Holy Spirit which include LOVE.  True Christians love anyone practicing sin including homosexuals, heterosexuals, and nonbelievers.  By demonstrating God's love and sharing His Word, we seek to reach anyone that does not have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus.  We do not condemn anyone!  We share the Word.  As God hates the sin but loves the sinner, so must be the love of Christians.

I repeat and expound.  Christian love is personal acceptance of EVERYONE, but, not the condoning or acceptance of their lifestyle or habits.  When they know we love them, then, they may trust us that we believe the Word and that He is true.  God's moral law may condemn and His Word may condemn a sinner or practice, but, we do not.  We only condemn and rebuke the "ACTIONS" of so-called Christians.  We DO have a Biblical obligation to judge the teachings and actions of Christians or professing Christians in order to protect the body of Christ from heresy and contamination by sin.**  If your pastor is immoral, you are told to take action by the Bible.  If a sinner is a homosexual what does it matter as they are not born again?  Homosexuality is not their greatest concern at the moment.  You are still told to love them (not physically, by the way).

It is high time the church cleaned up the sin in their camp.  The world will not listen to us in matters of purity and holiness until we demonstrate in our lives and practices the moral law of God.  We have no right to condemn others who do not believe and who are slaves to their sin.  We can only pass on the Biblical warnings for all our lives.  Our actions speak louder than words.  I will not list proof texts on this subject as there are far too many to list that exhort us to be perfect.  Perfection is unattainable, but, it is still the goal.  As God is perfect, we should strive for perfection and are instructed to do so by Jesus in Matthew 5:48.  Be like your Father folks.  And if you claim to be a Christian yet your life is riddled with sin and corruption, we know that you are still being like your father.

 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.  Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?  He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God."
John 8:44-47


If you are offended by the belief that homosexuality is condemned by the Bible or that you should refrain from promiscuity or lasciviousness, you should immediately take that matter up with the One who authored the Bible.  You are not under the authority of men except in government.  Your lifestyle is a matter addressed by God.  If your lifestyle does not fit into the provisions He has made for His children to live, your argument is with Him not me.  You must always seek God's Will and be ready to accept His answer. 

If being homosexual is more important to you than pleasing God, it is your master and not Jesus.  THE SAME APPLIES TO ANYTHING THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU THAN GOD.  There are many things, I would like to do, but, I cannot because they will take me over and rule me.  I submit to God in my weakness and He has forgiven me.  He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient".  Put God first and seek His face and He will instruct you as to your life and habits.

I have given you ammunition to completely shoot down the argument for "Genetic Justification" as well as an exhortation to holy living.  Please, exercise both.  We are justified through Grace by our Faith in God who sent His Son (Himself) to earth to die for our sin (our genetic predisposition) that we might be slaves no longer.  Stand as free men and keep the faith, defending yourselves against corruption of the flesh.  If you love your child, friend or family member that is in sin, you will share this with them in love.  To let a sinner or fellow Christian perish in sin because you would not risk offending them is not love at all.  I would rather you hate me and find God than love me and I never see you again.

This entire matter falls under discipline.  The one disciplined by rules will either respect the discipline and comply and understand the reason for the discipline or reject the discipline and die.  Without discipline, society, government and all civilization crumble.  Therefore, those that reject authority and discipline may not always be saved.  God does not force us to love Him.  He allows us to reject Him if we prefer this world over Him.  Love your family enough to discipline them and yourself to discipline your life style.

To the brethren: God bless you and keep you in these times.


If you seek a Biblical answer to the heresy of gay marriage, review the page on the definition of marriage.


* I will endeavor to scour the medical books I covered and post quotes of medical data on the spread of disease rates among homosexuals which detail the number of partners they had and the nature of their sexual practices.  It will take time.  You can email me with any research results or quotes that you have already and I will post them.  MAKE SURE THEY ARE DOCUMENTED.

**Please, review the document, "Judge Not". posted on this site.  It covers the Biblical authority placed in Christians in this area.