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Resulting from my public campaign to warn parents about the KNOWN medical risks of the Swine Flu Vaccines being pushed on their kids through the Georgetown County School System

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Given the current propaganda by pharmaceutical corporations in support of the mass vaccinations and the ignorance and forgetfulness of the public about the "epidemic" of swine flu in 1976 (that didn't happen) and its resultant mass vaccinations that ended up killed at people and injuring thousands, I am not surprised that the Georgetown Times glossed over the facts in their story about me.  They failed to point out that their own picture showed my sign was advertising US GOVERNMENT web sites as sources and only listed one independent site for third party source.  They failed to research out why MILLIONS of doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT's, lawyers, AND the children of Obama were avoiding the 6 approved Swine Flu vaccines listed at

This page of the US Food and Drug Administration posts the ACTUAL drug information inserts for EACH of the 6 approved vaccinations!  You don't have to be a doctor for this one.  These are the inserts that come with every drug we buy written in plain english that we can understand providing the information about the drug

  • Style of manufacture

  • Ingredients

  • Risks/possible side effects

  • Contraindications (when not to take it)

  • etc.

I became alarmed when I read the insert from Fluzone

 When I read the insert from Fluzone after hearing the news on TV reporting that there were no side effects, I was infuriated.  As ANYONE who fishes in Georgetown County and has seen the DHEC warning signs at the landings of this state telling us NOT TO EAT the fish because of trace ammounts of Mercury in them knows, I knew that lies were being told.  I have studied Biological Psychology at the USC (the study of biological, medical issues affecting the brain, nervous system and how that impacts someone's personality).  So, yes, I do know more than the average person on the streets about heavy metal studies and Alzheimers, ADD, memory loss, infertility, genetic mutation, nerve damage, etc.  BUT, just from the information DHEC has blasted us with for decades, I know that injecting mercury into children is dangerous.  There is no safe medical dose of mercury for children.  IF you insist that I am lying about that, please, present the Medical Journal listing of a peer reviewed medical study showing the safe dosage for kids.  No doctor that I know of has been able to show me such a study.

I was further infuriated when DHEC put out their misinformation flyer about the Swine Flu vaccination program.  They lied and they continue to lie on their website.  I cite from their page

"Flu Vaccines

The best way to prevent seasonal flu and novel H1N1 flu (swine flu) is to get two flu vaccines one for each type of flu. Flu vaccines can keep you from getting sick and keep you from spreading the flu virus to others."

This is a lie.  Flumist states that children taking Flumist will shed the active swine flu virus to others and can infect those with compromised immune systems.  I know that DHEC won't sue me or charge me with libel as a court case would blow the doors off their campaign by exposing medical expert testimony to the public in a trial.  So, I don't mind posting this information especially when each of you can read the Flumist insert and the warnings about shedding (which has also been covered by the major networks on TV).  Further, the CDC and major medical has pointed out that handwashing, avoidance of contact with infected individuals and not picking your nose are the first line of defense in not getting sick.  AND, they certainly can't spread the virus as you aren't infected with the virus (active or attenuated)! 

I also challenge DHEC on their failure to provide legal informed consent forms to you parents.  The forms I have seen fail to define the actual vaccination to be injected into your child.  If they were being honest and completely legal, they would provide you with the usual drug name and the insert for that drug.  They would have listed ALL the possible side effects and not simply claim that one study showed no link between autism and Thimerosal.  In fact, there is a study linking mercury to autism or else there wouldn't be a need to deny the existence of a link to autism.

Still, autism is, in my opinion, the least of my concerns with taking an injection of mercury and adjuvants that have already caused children in America in the last 2 weeks to go to the hospital with violent allergic reactions and fevers.  As a child and a teen, I hallucinated all night after receiving the diptheria/hooping cough vaccine.  The experience was horrible as I laid in bed crying out (in my mind) for water while my parents slept not knowing that I was ill (both times).  I know first hand how dangerous some vaccines are.  And, for the record, on a personal note, I never intend to take another vaccine so long as I live.  I wash my hand too much (as all my family will tell you) and I were gloves when rendering aid (a practice I picked up as a SC certified EMT).  I take a vitamin D and general vitamin supplement and try to eat reasonably.  I know from my college training in anatomy and physiology that God created my body with the most intricate and devastating immune system which can protect me most of the time from infections.  I just need to avoid too much stress or anything that will compromise my God-given anti-viral system.

Now back to the story,when DHEC began putting out information that was obviously false promoting mass vaccinations of our most vulnerable (children) who cannot defend themselves and have no legal standing to file a law suit, I became alarmed.  I realized that parents were being deceived on purpose.  I don't care what the agenda is, the fact remains, deception is wrong.  Lying is a sin.  And (for those who claim to be a Christian and condemn me for speaking out on this), the Bible clearly states that lying is a sin.  It also states that the head of the house is under God's authority and answers directly to God for the protection and rearing of the children.  Therefore, it was up to those of us walking the parapets of the castle to warn those within that a threat to them and their children was approaching.  God says in Ezekiel 33:6

"But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. "

And for those who are going to hold to the argument posted on the Georgetown Times Article page claiming we are to accept EVERYTHING as God's Will, READ ALL OF Ezekiel 33!  That chapter refutes that pacifist ignorant argument completely.  How? God says that " When I bring the sword upon a land..."  WHAT???  That's right, He said that He appointed watchmen and when He sent judgment on the land or a threat to the land the watchmen were to warn the people.  What was the penalty for the watchmen who do not sound the alarm?  "his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."  That is my peril and judgment if I don't warn you.  Yes, I believe that America and the Church in America are sinful and failing and that we are being judged for our complacency.  I believe that we have pitched our tents toward Sodom and Gomorrah and we look so much like the world that most professing Christians are identical to sinners in lifestyle, dress and behavior.  So, for those of you who are offended by my messages from the Bible and my speaking out in warning to the people while you claim to be Christians, I agree, we are not preaching the same gospel.  As stated in this website, I preach the Gospel of the God, Jesus the Christ.  And that Gospel and that God, command me to warn you and to ALWAYS speak out against, evil, sin, tyranny, and danger.  I highly recommend the Gospel of the Lord Jesus the Christ to all of you.

In response to the fatalism argument made by the poster on the Times website, I must point out their ignorance of scripture.  God did not say that every sickness was from Him or His judgment (Read John 9 where Jesus being asked who sinned that a child was born blind answered, no one.).  We are not to simply allow pestilence, death and disease because Jesus the Christ told us it would be a sign of His impending return.  That would be mean that as He said war was a sign of His coming, so, we should support world war or not fight to end or prevent war.  It would mean that as famine is a sign, we are to ignore famine and not feed the starving people of the world.  NO, God told us of the signs of His coming but also told us to resist evil.  He did not tell His Church to stand aside and allow evil or promote evil or to be pacifists!  He said be salt and light.  We build hospitals.  We have fed the world's hungry while communism and atheism and elite globalists stood by doing NOTHING.  That is our job, to stand in the gap and show God's love to the world. 

God's permissive will is not His determinant will or preferred action.  God would have all men saved.  But, to allow man a choice, He, having done all for our salvation, still accepts the rejection of men and allows them to choose hell over fellowship with Him.  Jesus, God the Son, is coming very soon to put an end to evil and subjugate the world to His holy law.  But, we are not to aid the rise of the Beast or his global government and global religion by shutting up and sitting down.  We are the fight harder knowing the time is short.

I do believe that this is swine flu outbreak has been ALLOWED by God.  But, God always disciplines out of love with the desire to save us from our sins.  Yes, children suffer when we sin.  But, if we will repent our sins, He is faithful to forgive us.  So, though I think that God actually stayed His hand by preventing H1N1 from killing millions, it is God's will that we warn everyone regardless.  Also, even if the vaccines were produced out of good intentions and NOT the greed of pharmaceutical companies, it does not mean that bad things can't happen as a result of an intended good act.  If you don't know, then, research the origins of the first recombinant DNA virus.  It actually was caused by using chicken eggs to grow bacterial vaccines.  They didn't know viruses even existed.  So, the viruses in the mix began mutating and a recombinant virus is born.

Again, I have pointed out my opinion and separated it from the facts.  The facts are that

  1. Swine flu has not killed millions even though many or most of us have already been exposed to it
  2. The Swine flu infection rates are DECLINING (
  3. There is no pandemic emergency with mass deaths either by seasonal or swine flu
  4. Mercury is ALWAYS dangerous to children as is lead and any other heavy metal
  5. DHEC hid information from parents
  6. DHEC did not provide true informed consent forms to the parents
  7. The US Government is protecting ALL companies making the flu shots and the medical institutions distributing them from being sued by you if you or your children are injured or infected by the shots
  8. You WILL NOT be able to sue for damages to pay your medical bills if your child gets GBS or paralysis from the novel H1N1 Vaccines
  9. NO LONGTERM TESTING HAS BEEN DONE on these vaccines!!!
  10. No one can definitively or authoritatively say or guarantee that these shots do not have long range health consequences
  11. Children may or may not benefit from a flu shot
  12. Children and adults are exposed to some very dangerous side effects if they take a flu vaccine
  13. Children and adults have ALREADY BECOME SICK from the Swine Flu vaccine and other vaccines (Teen in VA with GBS on CNBC)
  14. No one including the FDA, CDC or WHO know what may happen as FIVE different viruses are being injected into millions of people around the world

Therefore, you need to seriously weigh risk versus rewards and make a decision to protect your children NOW.  Think for yourselves.  If anyone wants to publicly debate me on the facts I list above or to debate mass vaccination in a public forum, I am available.  I am just a messenger revealing basic biology info that is readily available of government web sites.  I am not a doctor and have never claimed to be one (despite the Georgetown Times statement that I wasn't a doctor which makes no sense as I didn't claim to be one).  AND, don't forget the first Swine Flu epidemic and the resulting carnage of the mass vaccination.  Watch the original "60 Minutes" report about the 1976 swine flu outbreak and the disastrous effects of mass vaccinations.

SAME LIE DIFFERENT YEAR!!! Watch the original "60 Minutes" Report on the 1976 Swine Flu "Epidemic" and the disasterous results of the "vaccine"!

Guillaine Barre Syndrome isn't new!  This episode was aired only ONCE and then never rerun by the network.  Watch today's news play out in a rerun decades old.  Do you still want to get a vaccine???


And for those who think that no one has been injured by the vaccines so far, I present the following video reports from local and national news stations.  I will continue to try and update this page as more reports of injury come in.  As you can read in the flyers I circulated, I don't ask you to believe me.  I ask you to check and see if I am telling the truth.  Don't take ANYONE'S word for it alone.  Get the facts, yourself.  You can go to and search for



You can email me with your questions at
If you just want to send hate email, don't waste your time. If the devil himself can't stopped me, then, your emails will only impassion me to increase my efforts.  So, I guess your hate emails will be just as important as fan mail.  Send it, you won't be wasting your breath.  I can use the encouragement.

Here are more websites with more information on the swine flu vaccinations.  I try to list only sites with good doctors or parents of children injured by vaccines that have firsthand knowledge of the facts.

Evidence that the World Health Organization engaged in created a Scare about Swine Flu

I highly recommend Worldnet Daily News, an online nonpartisan news agency.
They tackle the hard issues with reckless abandon.  And uncompromising vigilance.


Guillain-Barre Syndrome Victims Speak out for themselves on Vaccinations & Causation of their illness, You decide

Here is an audio file of Dr. Stan Monteith, MD, interviewing neurologist, Dr. Blaylock about vaccinations and the swine flu vaccination.  It is from which has many interviews on the issue of vaccination and health done by Dr. Stan Montieth with more than one expert.  All are available for downloading from the radio show archives.  Radio Liberty also offers a 4 CD set on vaccinations and health.  If you want to listen on your PC, download the first file or click it.  If you want to download the high quality version to burn CDs to share with your family and friends, use link 2.  Sharing what you know is important.

Dr. Stan with Dr. Blaylock on Swine Flu
If you want to make a CD of this, you can download the 54MB large file sampled at a higher quality


You may download vaccination and swine flu flyers from the following website.  Get involved.  Warn your friends and family.  Show them that you care.  One person CAN make a difference.

I didn't know there was a source for flyers.  I just created my own as fast as I could.  The above page has a lot for great flyers and information from doctors not news commentators or bureaucrats. 

Below are the flyers I distributed, ALL OF THEM except the other vaccine inserts that you can download from the FDA website yourself. 

Flyer distributed at Kensington school first visit, click here to view

Flyer distributed at Kensington school second visit as well as the other schools, click here to view


Lastly, here is a little more information about me since many of you aren't sure if you know me.  Most of you did or do know me.  I have been disparaged which doesn't bother me as long as people get the facts for themselves.  Still, since rumors have circulated, I feel compelled to let everyone know who I am.

I have served you in the Georgetown County Fire Department for 7 years during college.  I served as District Chief for District 11, Kensington, Wedgefield, & Waterford Estates district.  I was charged with the protection of millions of dollars worth of your property as well as your lives and those of your children.  I discharged my duties honorably and left the fire service my last year in college.  I first served the entire county under Captain Dick Pangburn in the Tanker Station which responded to ALL fires within the entire Georgetown County.  I served you in the Winyah Rescue Squad for 6 years during Hugo and the Ice Storms when we ran calls for more than 100 hours straight ferrying doctors and nurses to the hospital through the ice and snow and outing fires in the ice storm all night.  As a Rescue Diver, I responded to your drownings and recoveries.  As a SC Certified Emergency Medical Technician, I performed rescues and responded to your car accidents.

I was educated locally through high school and was accepted by the University of South Carolina's Marine Biology Program.  The biology department had only one program, Pre-med for doctors and marine biologists.  I later changed majors to Education and studied that for a couple years before re-entering the Pre-med program with the desire to be a medical doctor.  I guess being an EMT made we wish I could do more to help the victims I was assisting.  So, I studied anatomy & physiology, biology, chemistry and biological psychology at the college level.  However, after another year or so and realizing how long it would take and how much debt I would incur going to medical school, I returned to my education major which had changed to a Psychology Degree in the USC curriculum for educators.

So, I have a practical background in biology and emergency medical treatment.  I have about 6.5 years in college on top of being a PADI certified SCUBA instructor, SC Fire Academy Certified Firefighter Instructor, SC Fire Academy Certified Fire Marshal and OSHA Safety Manager.  As you can see, I am though I ignored my Master's calling, I was always teaching and preparing to teach.  I know how to work through volumes of boring government documents and comb the internet for information.  I also know the difference between a bona fide source and a fraudulent lead.  That is why I have always told people to verify what they see on a web page.  I push people to get the facts.

About 7 years ago after facing the most terrible trials of my life, I finally returned to my First Love, Evangelism.  I had felt lead to be a minister in my youth but as you can see, I followed a couple different paths (including working for 7 years after college in the film industry).  Nevertheless, the hard times I faced finally forced me to listen to God and put Him first again.  I knew then that I had failed God by changing course from the ministry my senior year in high school.  Since then, I have spent thousands of hours studying more about the Word of God even though I have always studied the Bible.  I do counter-cult ministry and evangelism, Christian documentary film work and Internet evangelism as you see on this site.  I support and serve several ministries which work to wake up complacent Christians and evangelize the world.  On top of this I am an American and take time to be politically active.

I might be a Georgetown boy and I'm not ashamed of that.  But, I am doing everything that I can for the Lord, Jesus the Christ.  And, if I am found lying to you, I lose everything.  If I am found not warning you, I am in trouble with God.  I am accustomed to lazy Christians and poser Christians criticizing me.  That is not at all new to me, unfortunately.  Nevertheless, you all have experienced it when you start a new job, lazy workers always try to keep you from working hard so they will not be shown up by the new guy. 

However, I am disconcerted to find that I seem to be the only minister speaking out on these issues in my area.  I find other ministers around the world laboring to get the word out and warn people about the perilous times we are facing just as I do.  However, I am saddened that so many pastors seem asleep.  I am not surprised to get slammed for standing up.  Still, if men of God do not stand up and perform their duties and other Christians will not do their job, we are finished and America is lost.

I will not say that I am sorry to stand out like a sore thumb or to be unwelcome in many congregations for telling the truth.  The truth (especially the Truth of God) is rarely welcome.  I find it more welcome to the heathen than those who profess the faith.  I am politically incorrect because I would please God rather than please man.  I will stand by God no matter the cost.  Noah preached about 125 years that the flood was coming.  He was called crazy and even taunted by scoffers.  Yet, he was quite dry in the Ark when judgment came.  So, I will trust the Lord God to maintain me through the coming storm.  I have ALWAYS put my money where my mouth is when it came to the safety of the citizens of Georgetown county and the other counties I have served.  That will not change.  I will continue to put my life on the line to look out for all of you even if you don't like me and some of you insult me.  You never asked me to serve you and my Master Who did has not discharged me from that calling.

I trust I have supplied you all enough information about my education to clearly prove that I am not some nut job or unlearned in basic biology as some have called me.  (Funny how my college training qualifies me more to make that judgment than theirs does.)  I have simply done what every good Christian minister has done before me.  I share the Bible and the truth with everyone who will listen and I don't hold anything back.  I don't water down the message because it would be better received that way.  Truth must be dispensed like salt, pure and clean.  Only in that way will it do what it should.  Only when the Bible is preached honestly and unabashedly will souls be saved and the evil be fearful of God and judgment.  America has had sweet lies too long.  Truth is our last hope to survive the days ahead.

Paul, inspired to write by the Holy Spirit, wrote these fateful and true words to Timothy on this subject about this time about truth and hearing.

2 Timothy 3:1-7

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.  For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.  For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

2009 Any reproduction of this page must properly cite it and not misquote it.

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